Supporting Culture & The Arts

Are you interested in exploring a new, exciting way to grow your business while also promoting Culture & The Arts? 

Asentiv is a unique international business coaching & training organisation working with communities of vision, mission and values-driven entrepreneurs across the world.

We understand the challenges all entrepreneurs face running a business, and the very particular challenges by those making a living from Culture & The Arts. In collaboration with a team of passionate and visionary artists internationally, we have established this initiative to support entrepreneurs from the world of Culture & The Arts to achieve success with their business vision, and contribute also to the essential role that Culture & The Arts plays in society.

Support Initiaves:


Asentiv can work directly with individual artists of any type - musicians, painters, sculptors, actors - to be commercially successful while maintaining their artistic vision and integrity.

Group & Project

Are you part of an arts group or project facing challenges to develop and access the resources needed to make it a success? We can help and provide options that likely exist nowhere else.


Are you a business person with a passion to support artists, the arts and important cultural activities? Asentiv can connect you with options internationally with related PR strategies and support.

If you are interested in exploring any of these support options; just use the button below to schedule an appointment with one of our team

Alan Bell - Ireland

Alan is the Master Franchise Manager for Asentiv Ireland. He is also a graduate of the IADT (Institute of Art Design & Technology) in Ireland with a background of over twenty years working in advertising, design and website development. He has always had a personal mission to encourage artists to embrace the fundamentals of Marketing & Communications to become commercially successful.

Cathy Barrow - Mexico

Cathy is one of Mexico's most recognized artists in the classical music field, and has become rather famous for being one of those few artists capable of thinking with both spheres of her brain! She also has a reputation for her expertise in Marketing & Promotion of Cultural Events as well as for her virtuoso violin playing.

Anjali Vhatkar - India

Founder and CEO of Elaura Art Gallery, Anjali is a qualified architect and a practicing art curator. She has a deep love for traditional Indian artworks and specializes in Tanjore, Pichwai, and Gond tribal paintings. Her work is devoted to discovering the numerous hidden talents and creating opportunities for both qualified and traditional artists to display their talents to the world.

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